Fall Maintenance Tips to Protect Your A/C System

Fall Maintenance Tips to Protect Your A/C System

Pretty soon the leaves will begin to fall, sunsets will begin sooner, and breezes will begin to feel much differently. As the seasons change and winter slowly approaches, there are steps you should take to prepare your hardworking air conditioning system for the oncoming change in environment. In other words, it’s time for some fall maintenance.

If your HVAC system suffers a disastrous breakdown in the fall and winter, your home can become very cold in a hurry. In the event of a broken a/c unit, contact A&A HVAC Services to get your home back to a comfortable state!

Change the Filters

The first thing you’ll need to do to prepare your HVAC system for the tightening grip of winter is something that should come as no surprise: change the filters.

While it may seem mundane, changing the filters of your system is incredibly important. Clogged and dirty filters can cause your system to run with extreme inefficiency as well as presenting a danger to your home.

It is very easy to replace an old filter, just make sure you take note of which size filter you need before heading off to the hardware store!

Clean Your System

Air conditioning units can be cleaned in ways other than replacing the filter as well. The best way to make sure your system is squeaky clean and ready for the fall and winter months is to have an HVAC professional thoroughly clean and inspect your a/c unit.

A unit that has been meticulously cleaned and prepared will run at maximum efficiency while provided the cleanest possible air for your and your family.

If your system hasn’t been professionally cleaned in over six months, contact A&A HVAC Services immediately to schedule an inspection and cleaning.

Cover Exposed Pipes

Pipes are liable to freeze once the temperature plummets. Anyone who has experienced a busted pipe will tell you: avoid this situation at all costs!

Insulated foam works extremely well at keeping pipes warm eliminating the threat of a freeze. Duct tape or a similar fastener is all you need to secure the foam around the pipe. Remember: it doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to be warm!

Cover the Unit

Think about how cold it can get in the winter in Middle Tennessee: pretty brutal, right? Well now picture your precious air conditioning unit suffering through the snow and wind night after night. It’s no wonder how an a/c unit cover can be exceptionally beneficial.

There are options out there that are made specifically for air conditioning units, so it’s best to check and see if there is one for your specific system. The ideal cover will be waterproof and made from vinyl. It can be held down with bungee cords or basic rope; it doesn’t matter as long as it can hold up to the winter winds.

HVAC Services Murfreesboro

A&A HVAC Repair in Murfreesboro is ready to get your air conditioning unit prepared for the punishing cold months that lie ahead. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to make sure your system is ready and avoid costly repairs or replacements.