How To Lower Your Heating Bill

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How To Lower Your Heating Bill

Staying warm during the winter months is a struggle that most have been familiar with at one time or another. Heating bills are on the rise while there’s a good chance that you’re still shivering. Although this may be the case, it’s not the end all be all to your current situation. There are a number of things that can be done to bring up the temperature while bringing down the bill.

Alternative Forms of Heating

In partnership with your HVAC system, consider installing other methods to heat your home during the winter. An especially efficient method on the market today is a pellet burning stove. This heating alternative has the potential to cut your bill in half, with a return of investment occurring anywhere from three to five years.

Banish the Drafts

Is that a draft you’re feeling? Most likely the answer is yes. Look for the places where cold air is leaking, in and around your home. When considering drafts think beyond windows and doors – oftentimes cold air may be coming in through electrical outlets and piping. These drafts can easily be taken care of with plastic film and caulking. It’s a simple solution that will save you money and heat in the long run.

Temperature, Space by Space

In what rooms do you and your family tend to spend the most amount of time? Look at these trends, and from there, prioritize your heating. Keep the thermostat at a lower temperature by purchasing a space heater to place in the room(s) where the majority of your time is spent.

Keep Warm Air From Escaping

Fireplaces are wonderful when they’re delivering heat, but did you know that they could be stealing just as much when they’re not in use. Make sure that the flue is closed when your fireplace is not in use, and beyond this, consider purchasing a chimney balloon to block all airflow. Even if the flue is closed, warm air is still most likely escaping.

Utilize Sunlight

Even in the winter months, sunlight is a worthwhile, natural, and free way to deliver heat to your home. Open up curtains to let in sunlight during the day, especially from south facing windows. Close the curtains when the sun goes down, for insulation.

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