Signs It’s Time to Replace Your A/C System

While you would like your a/c system to last forever, it simply can’t. Proper maintenance and repairs will certainly extend the life of your system, but they will eventually need to be completely replaced.

There are some definite signs that your system is past its prime. If any of the following are true about your own a/c system or home, it is probably best to call in an HVAC professional, like A&A HVAC Repair, and have a new system installed.

Your System Is Over 10 Years Old

The most commonly agreed upon lifespan of an a/c system that is regularly maintained and inspected is 15 years.

However, one that is over 10 years old and constantly in need of repairs might be beyond the point of saving. If you are always scheduling repairman appointments with your decade old a/c system, your money would be better spent just replacing it altogether.

You should also consider the massive leaps that have been taken in terms of efficiency in the last 10 years alone – newer systems are simply much more efficient and will save you money in the long run.

You Experience Frequent Breakdowns

A system that is constantly breaking down – as in absolutely not working – will probably be better off out of your home than constantly getting repaired. Even if your system isn’t over 10 years old, if it is already breaking down frequently you will need to look into replacing it.

It is important to distinguish a full-on break down from other malfunctions in these situations. A breakdown means you are getting absolutely nothing out of your system. These repairs are costly ­– you don’t want to schedule too many repairs if this nature.

It Isn’t Getting the Job Done

If you’re a/c system is making all the noises of a working unit and everything else seems fine but it just simply isn’t cooling or heating as it should, it might need to be replaced. You might have the wrong sized system for your home or it could just be a dysfunctional unit. No matter the reason, if you’re a/c system isn’t doing the job you will always be able to tell.

Don’t waste energy on a system that isn’t working properly and have it inspected or replaced as soon as possible.

Your Energy Bills Are High

The most obvious sign of an inefficient system is high energy bills.

If your system is properly maintained and you always change the air filters when needed but your energy bill is still higher than it should be, you most likely need a new a/c system. This means your system is, unfortunately, running as efficiently as it can, so further repairs wouldn’t make a difference.

New a/c systems are very efficient and will require less maintenance over time resulting in much lower long-term costs.

Local A/C Experts

If you are in need of a new a/c system for your home, contact A&A HVAC today to bring comfort and energy efficiency into your home.