Why Is My Air Conditioning Unit Leaking Water?

Why Is My Air Conditioning Unit Leaking Water?

While it is easy to forget about the large machine that is producing all that wonderful cool air circulating through your home, you should take some time each month to give it a quick visual inspection. Even if it seems to be running properly, your air conditioning system can always benefit from a

Pooling water gathering around an air conditioning unit is a common sight that would fill anyone with concern. Leaking water isn’t always a sign of a malfunctioning unit, however.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind air condition systems leaking water.

When Leaking Water Isn’t a Problem

Many factors play a part in air conditioning units leaking water, such as

  • Weather
  • Climate
  • Thermostat setting

If you notice small amounts of water gathering around the indoor unit, it could just be condensation. If you live in an area that experiences very hot or humid weather, your system could be producing much more condensation than one located in a milder climate. This is not an indicator of a broken unit, though, so simply remove the pool of water however you wish and enjoy the cool air!

When Leaking Water Is a Problem

Sometimes you will notice much larger puddles of water forming in different places around your air conditioning unit. This is a legitimate cause for concern, as larger pools are an indication of greater, more complicated issues.

The first thing you should do after discovering a substantial leak is to check your air filter. An air filter that is dirty will restrict airflow to the evaporator’s coils, causing it to freeze and allowing water to spill out of the unit. If your filter is in need of being replaced, simply switch it out with a new clean one – just make sure you buy the right sized filter for your home.

If the condensate pipe is cracked, that can also lead to more serious leaks as well and should be repaired immediately. Contact an air conditioning repair company immediately to have your unit fixed.

Be sure to check for any obstructions in your condensate pipe as well, because something clogging the pipe could cause water build-up and eventually lead to water spilling out all over the floor.

Local HVAC Repair Experts

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