Is a “Smart” Thermostat Worth the Investment?

Is a “Smart” Thermostat Worth the Investment?

It seems like everything we use will have the word “smart” in front of it any day now. Watches, phones, TV’s and more are already carrying the “smart” title thanks to some revolutionary advancements in technology. One tool that we use daily in our homes that is getting the upgrade to “smart” is your thermostat. These WiFi-enabled devices are changing the way you heat and cool your home while focusing on efficiency. That’s right – “smart” thermostats and their intuitive features are emerging as a top trend in homes with no signs of slowing. To understand if a digital and connected thermostat is a wise investment, you need to consider the cutting-edge features and capabilities it brings to the table.

Advanced Settings

One of the most useful features of a WiFi-connected thermostat is the abundance of next-level features at its disposal. Virtually any model of “smart” thermostat will come with a stunning color screen that is easy to use – some even use a touch screen! Aside from looks, these thermostats offer more control over the heating and cooling of your home than ever before. Some systems detect when you leave your home and will automatically adjust its settings so that it isn’t running when you’re not there. These “smart” thermostats can detect outdoor weather conditions and adjust settings accordingly as well.

Control From Anywhere

Since these thermostats are connected to the internet, they can be accessed and controlled from anywhere! No more wondering if you left your air conditioner running while you’re on vacation; just get out your smartphone and control your system from anywhere. You can also track your system’s performance with diagnostics reports and status updates. Repairs can be detected before a disastrous breakdown with a “smart” air conditioning system. These systems can even be integrated into larger more powerful home automation systems that will allow you to control everything from lights to windows!

Save Energy

The main reason these “smart” thermostats are so popular in 2015 is their ability to save money on energy costs. A customizable system that learns and adapts automatically saves you more than just stress; it saves you money. When you go to sleep or leave your home for any amount of time, an automatic system takes notice. It will adjust your system in these times where your air conditioning doesn’t need to be running, cutting down on unnecessary cooling and heating and saving you money.

So Is a Smart Thermostat Worth It?

The question most people have regarding “smart” thermostats is: “Is it worth it?” It’s true that these systems can require a sizeable initial investment, but to answer the question you need to consider your situation. If you are a homeowner planning to spend several years in your home, then a “smart” thermostat is absolutely worth the money. If you are renting and unsure about your time frame, you might want to hold off on spending a few hundred dollars on a “smart” thermostat. The investment might take 2-3 years before it has paid for itself, so you might be better off speaking with your landlord or property manager about adding a digital thermostat to the home.

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